We are Arkel

Arkel is a maker of fine espresso machines based in Porto. In the business for close to 50 years, our team’s goal is to provide every barista with an uncompromising brewing experience at home.

We create machines based on the belief that some things should evolve, but some shouldn’t. Tradition is as important as engineering and only a subtle dance between the two will lead to great espresso.

One such thing that shouldn’t have changed is the life expectancy of our appliances. Ensuring your gear will last you a lifetime, or until you decide to pass it on, is key to sustainability and a top priority to us. So we do our best to use the most resilient materials and parts but we also design so that, when something inevitably fails, it can be repaired efficiently.

We’re proud to say our machines are still assembled by hand in Porto, Portugal, with over 95% European-made components reducing unnecessary shipping around the planet.

The Coast is made by the coast.